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Book of the Month – March: The Associate, John Grisham

I’m a bit useless when it comes to Actual Reading, mostly because I struggle to sleep and tune in to so many audio books.   As my sister likes to point out, that’s not ‘reading’: it’s listening.  

Either way, it does get me through the crime novels that I love so much, without having to take time out to actually charge my Kindle (it’s been dead forEVER) or hold one of those papery things aloft and try not to drop it on my face when I’m in bed.

Recently, having made numerous trips to the hospital and GP surgery, I have begun to realise just how useful proper books are.   That, combined with my deep love of charity shopping, has seen me delve into the murky world of Actual Books, which I have picked up for a pretty penny at my local Hospice at Home store in Dolgellau.

This month, I have stunned the public at large by successfully making my way through ONE WHOLE BOOK.   I know, I know, I’m not sure that’s ever been done before, either.    
The book in question is John Grisham’s The Associate…and it was mostly excellent.  

Also: it was 85p.   

Reading Challenge: March


Kyle McAvoy is a young law graduate, whose past indiscretions (or rather that of his college room mates) come back to haunt him and threaten his burgeoning career.     After a spot of blackmail from some totally dodgy blokes, Kyle is followed for an incredibly long time, while being encouraged to steal highly classified documents from his massive New York City law firm.

Kyle, being the smart boy that he is, soon begins to turn the tables on his blackmailers and becomes somewhat of an expert at ditching his surveillance team by switching trench coat colours.    I’m not even kidding.  Who knew it would be that easy?
He does all this while working 100 hours a week and never sleeping for any length of time.   What a guy.

Anyway, it is a great thriller for the most part, that is, until the end, when nothing actually happens.   I was left looking to see if the back pages of my book were missing, only to discover that the entire storyline had been building up to the most disappointing ending.   I wanted death and destruction, but all I got was…well, nothing.   

I did enjoy the book, right up until the end and the story nicely twisted and turned right up to the last chapter.  I’m not sure if Grisham was short on time, or had overrun a deadline, but the ending did make me glad that I’d only paid 85p for it.   If I’d paid full book shop price, I’d have been well annoyed.   

What I DID learn from The Associate is that I never, ever, ever want to be a Lawyer and that if I want to change my appearance so that people won’t recognise me, I can literally just wear a different coloured jacket.

Have you read The Associate?   If so, what did you think?

Suz x  


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