Oh My Blog….Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me How Hard This Would Be?

I have been blogging for 9 months.  I mean, I’ve been blogging for years, but Ive only actually been  publishing for 9 months.    And I’m knackered. I’ve been reading blog advice and articles on what to do and not to do for even longer, but I’ve still to come across advice that was able to accurately convey *just* how much work is involved.  

oh my blog
All work and no play make Suz a dull girl

My insomnia doesn’t help.   Neither, for that matter, does my full time job.   However, I am firmly of the opinion that even if I had more time to spend on my blog, I’d only find more things to do.   It’s a never ending process, of which there is ALWAYS something else I could write, another social media outlet I haven’t heard of (I’m begging you to stop with new ideas, people), more advice to read, and more photos to fix in an attempt to make them look like they weren’t taken by someone with severe vision impairment.

I wake up in the morning, and LT very kindly puts out my tea mug, switches on the laptop, and leaves them on the breakfast bar before he makes a run for the surgery.    I jump out of bed*, dart into the shower, get dressed and then do some work on my blog.   

I don’t do much because I’m too tired and I hate everyone and everything until around 10am, but if it’s a posting day, I link to Pinterest from my iPad, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter from my Macbook, and, if I have time, post a photo on Instagram.   

Oh My Blog....Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me How Hard This Would Be? - laptop
More coffee, please… 
I often use Klout, which I tend to update on a Sunday night with a supply of older posts for the week ahead.   Unfortunately, I can’t front load it with the upcoming posts, so I still do these manually as my links tend not to work until I actually hit publish.   

This means that posting days are more hectic that regular days and it means that I will spend time at lunch posting a new article for the second time and then repeat this later that evening.  In between times, I’ll put in an 8 hour shift, drive for 1.5 hours, have a swim or session on the bike, make dinner, and do anything else that’s required of me.   

While all that’s going on, I try to rack my brains for topics, fit in a few North Wales visits and, generally, live my life.   I can’t recall the last time I watched any TV that didn’t involve me looking up from my laptop and absent mindedly asking what I missed or who that new character might be.  I no longer know who’s top of any football league, which is a crime in my eyes and, although I’m not entirely sure who the Prime Minister is these days, I’m fairly certain I won’t like him.   

Oh My Blog....Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me How Hard This Would Be? - dog
huh?  who’s that?  what’s going on?
Funnily enough, I though this is the process that would take up most of my time.  It isn’t.  In fact, it takes up less of my time than all the other social media/marketing/designing graphics and all that Other Stuff.

Sometimes, it’s the THINKING about what to write that slows me down.  Once I have something in mind, or have visited a new place, I’m fairly efficient at piecing my words together.

I downloaded the Blogger app for my iPhone and often find myself writing in the Doctor Surgery waiting room (a great place for quiet reflection…), during my lunch hour, or when I get dragged to Screwfix or B&Q of a weekend and sit in the car, refusing to go in AGAIN.   

It’s amazing how those little spells of time can transform into fully flown blog posts if you set your mind to it.    I can save them as drafts and then come back to them when I have another few minutes to spare.    I tend to work on a post on my phone, have one in the office, and several on my laptop.   This means I tend to write several at once, but it makes me feel oddly efficient. 

Oh My Blog....Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me How Hard This Would Be? - writing
work, work, work… 

The Fun Stuff: 
Don’t get me wrong: I love writing about my travels and I’ve learnt so much about blogging stuff I didn’t even know I needed to know.   I’ve picked up so many new skills, had lovely comments and so much support from LT, my family and friends.   I’ve also found some lovely bloggers on social media who I’ve enjoyed chatting to.   

I tune in to a North Wales tweet up on a Thursday night and get to hear about some fantastic businesses in my area and what they’ve been up to.   It also gives me an insight into new attractions that I can go explore.  

I know I have TONS more to learn and I’m very conscious of the fact that I don’t have a real posting schedule and tend to just back up posts on Blogger until I’m ready to go with them.   

The only thing I proactively try to do is make sure that I split my posts up between my main areas of travel.   Apart from that?  I’m just flying around by the seat of my pants.    

I’d love to hear any tips you have to improve my blog and my schedule?  I rather feel like I’m totally disorganised.

Suz x

*A civil war raging through the streets of Dyffryn couldn’t make me do this. 

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