My April Obsessions

I’m a bit set in my ways sometimes, so I’ve been trying to branch out and do something;  ANYTHING, different, no matter how small it might be.  Often it’s something tiny, such as trying a new cosmetic, buying a different product, or listening to a new album, but I figure it all counts, right?

Imperial Leather Shower Gel:

O M G.  I bought a Marshmallow shower gel on special offer for £1 in Wilko and spent a fair bit of time just sniffing the bottle in the store like a crazy person.   To use a well know Welsh phrase:  It was LUSH.  

There’s nothing more likely to get me looking forward to a shower than having something that smells amazing.  I usually go with anything from the Soap and Glory range from Boots, but I am also a fan of shower gels and scrubs that smell like fruit.

I tend to steer clear of flowery smelling stuff and I did initially think that the marshmallow fragrance might be a bit sickly and cloying.  It wasn’t.    I highly recommend you go straight out and buy some…like, now.   


OK, so you knew there would be something alcoholic in this list because, obviously, it’s MY list.    I tend to stick exclusively to red wine (Spanish, usually) or the occasional fruit cider.     After spending a few days in Paris with my sisters, who drink prosecco when there’s no Champagne, I developed a tiny taste for bubbly.

Also: I know there are far fewer calories in Prosecco and Cava, so it seemed like a no-brainer, tbh.    I stocked up on a few bottles of Cava in my local* Asda in Bangor and have been buying fewer bottles of red.   I’m sure that’s a good thing, although I’m not quite sure why I think that.   

*local = 1 hour’s drive north.
Chris Stapleton – The Traveller:
I love country music; that’s apparent to anyone who has had the pleasure to sit in my car while I drive to work belting out some classic Miranda Lambert or the latest from Kacey Musgraves.  After seeing an instagram post from another one of my favourite bands, I downloaded an album by Chris Stapleton and thought I’d see what all the fuss was about.

It.  Is.  Fabulous.   Apart from his wonderful voice; that of his backing singer wife; and the meaningful words of the songs, there’s nothing I don’t love about it.   Les, in turn, now dislikes it quite a bit as I have it on All Of The Time.     This one might also end up on future monthly roundups because I just can’t stop listening.
The Night Manager:
Yeah, yeah, so I’m, like, a month behind everyone else on the planet, but I’m getting there slowly.    I saw a trailer for TNM ages ago and decided that I should really join in on the fun.   Only issue with me is that I never seem to have time, so I decided that iPlayer would be my best bet for catching up with it.   Unfortunately, by the time I’d actually gotten round to it, the first three episodes had expired.   

Don’t worry, though, I promptly downloaded them and sat back to watch the first instalment.   I watched the first 20 minutes twice over before I felt I was getting to grips with what was happening, but I’ve managed to keep up since then.

The main draw for me on this was the sight of Hugh Laurie.  LOVE that man.   I also adore Olivia Coleman, so it was a no brainer.    I hadn’t seen much of Tom Hiddleston previously, but he’s fantastic.    I’m looking forward to getting to the end of the series…if I ever get time.  
The Blue Boys: 
These gorgeous little chaps are Australian Blue Staffies that I started following (not literally, obvs) after reading an article on Buzzfeed.   They have the sweetest faces and lovely gentle personalities which, being a Staffy owner, I can absolutely relate to.   The dogs are Darren and Phillip and they live in Brisbane in Australia with their Humans. 

They have facebook and instagram and, my very favourite thing, Snapchat.   It’s difficult to calculate just how much time I’ve spent looking a photos of the boys dressed in onesies (they are seriously adorable) or watching short videos of them snoring.   I am dog crazy at the best of times, but these two make me smile EVERY day.   Their humans also raise so much money for unwanted Staffs, so there really nothing not to love about the whole family.

You can watch Darren and Phillip eating strawberries and bananas by searching for them on Facebook, instagram,  or following them on snapchat (blue boys). You will not be disappointed.  You might be way less productive, but certainly not disappointed.  

Have you stumbled upon any April obsessions of your own??

Suz x

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