Help! I’m Obsessed With Charity Shopping

I’ve always been good with money.   I’m the kind of person who can’t sleep at night if I think I don’t have enough money set aside for several hundred rainy days.   I may not HAVE much but, what I do have is spent carefully…usually…unless there’s a deal on wine in Dolgellau Co-op on a Friday.   If that happens, my budget goes right out the window.   

Anyway, I’m also a believer in value for money which tends to make a little tight sometimes.  In a good way, though.   I’m the first to grab a flight and swan off to the other side of the globe for a few weeks, given half a chance, or to occasionally splash out on some Louboutins, because I absolutely, definitely cannot live another day without them but, on the whole, I’m quite sensible.  

What I trying to say is that I’m happy to pay for the things I love, like travel and shoes, but clothing isn’t high on that list.   I might be the only person in North Wales that teams up her Jimmy Choos with a skirt she bought for £2 in Freshfields Animal Rescue charity shop on Porthmadog high street.  And, to be honest, nothing makes me happier.  

Help! I'm Obsessed With Charity Shopping - Monsoon
My beautiful Monsoon cardigan
I can’t express my glee at finding a pre-loved item that I know the true value of and would never have paid full price for in a month of Sundays.  I also love that I’m not alone and that charity shopping seems to be ‘in’.   It probably always has been in and I’m just totally late to the party.     I’m also totally inspired by a friend, who has a house and closet full of pre loved items that she’s painted or changed to make them her own.   Her Farrow and Ball vintage painted Welsh dresser is a work of art.  I’m not even kidding.  

This week I’ve spent a grand total of £15.50 this between Dolgellau’s Hospice at Home , Machynlleth’s Freshfields, and Porthmadog’s Age Cymru.  I have acquired a pair of Sainsbury’s TU brand smart work trousers and a gorgeous turquoise BHS cardy for £7.50 (which I debuted on a night out in Harlech with matching shoes), a French Connection party dress for £4, and a causal Denim Co shirt, also for £4. a beautiful cream silk strapless number from Jane Norman.

Help! I'm Obsessed With Charity Shopping - DP dress
My gorgeous new Dorothy Perkins 50s polka dot dress 
Because of these bargains, I’m now looking online and shaking my head at the thought of paying £20 for a lovely new top from Dorothy Perkins.  I think I’m past the point of no return.  It’s not as if I even NEED more clothes, but I just can’t stop buying them.   I feel it would be rude not to, no?  

There’s something so satisfying about raking through the rails in charity stores, never knowing what treasures await you.  OK, so maybe that’s a *touch* dramatic, but it makes me happy, and when I’m happy, it makes everyone’s lives a little easier.    And it’s not just clothes, oh no.  I was minding my own business in the Red Cross shop in Dol and found a set of 5 beautiful hand painted wine glasses with thistles on them.  They had to be mine ,because obviously.  Wine and thistles, people.   The two great loves of a Scots woman.   

I have been very impressed with the buying habits of North Walian women since I moved here.   I always wonder if they give so many lovely pieces to charity because they don’t have easy access to a French Connection or Debenhams.   

Help! I'm Obsessed With Charity Shopping - Chinese Silk jacket
I could resist this Topshop Chinese style jacket for £3 in Dolgellau 

Maybe everyone orders online and then receives their parcels and the items don’t fit?   I don’t know but, whatever it is, it’s absolutely fine by me.    I’ve also realised that the North Wales population has a love for crime fiction novels.   French Connection dresses and Jo Nesbo books?   These are my kind of people.    

Honestly, if you’re not appalled by the idea of buying second hand clothing, shoes, books, furniture and gazillion other goods, I can’t recommend it highly enough.   In fact, I strongly urge you to go now.  Off you go.   Come back and tell me what you bought though, yeah? 

What could make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside than grabbing an amazing bargain AND giving money to fantastic causes? Nothing, am I right? 

Suz x 


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