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Book Of The Month: May – Gathering Prey: John Sandford

John Sandford has long been one of my favourite authors and I’m completely in love with two of his main characters. 

Firstly, there’s the tall, dark and exceptionally handsome, blue eyed, Lucas Davenport.   And, secondly, the tall, blonde cowboy with the fabulous sense of humour and a hatful of charm that is Virgil Flowers.

Davenport is the main man in the ‘Prey’ series, of which Gathering Prey is his 25th instalment.   I’ve been waiting patiently for the book to be released for a while and was thrilled to be able to download it from Audible as one of my ‘this is bound to get me through my insomnia’ collection of titles.

It didn’t because it was too gripping.    Rather, it had me listening, night after night, and going to work the following morning looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.    That is my normal look, right enough, so I doubt anyone noticed a change.

Anyway, less about my morning issues and more about the book!   

May's Book of the Month: Gathering Prey, John Sandford

Davenport’s adopted daughter and intrepid wannabe journalist, Letty, befriends a traveller in San Francisco and gets a worried call from her while she’s home from college with her parents in Minneapolis.    Her friend is missing a friend and she’s a a touch concerned.   As Letty’s quite the investigator and her old man’s the Head of the Minneapolis Bureau of Criminal Apprehension; they simply must check it out together.

Together, they start to look into the disappearance and begin to find out that the missing friend isn’t the only person within the travelling community that has been lost and never returned.   The deeper they delve, the more they uncover and this leads them, yep, you’ve guessed it…right into the path of danger.  I love it when that happens.  

As with all of Sandford’s books; the story is expertly recounted and I’m a huge fan of the way Minneapolis always plays such a big role in his novels.   This time round, though, the Twin Cities play a much smaller part and we experience other states; such as North Dakota and California.

Overall, the book is a great read.   It’s not my favourite of the Prey series, by any means, as I’m more drawn to individual serial killers murdering people in dark Saint Paul alleyways, but after 25 books featuring the same character, I guess there are only so many of these that can be written.

Have your read Gathering Prey yet?   Or do you have any other crime fiction favourite to share?

Suz x 


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