What’s Occurrin’ – June

I have managed to make very little progress on anything in my life this month that hasn’t involved me working in the garden.   Seriously: veggie growing, strawberry harvesting and weeding have become a full time occupation.

However, even I have managed to find a couple of new things, even if none of these involved more than chucking something new in my trolley while out shopping or finding a new dog on Buzzfeed.

This is what’s been occurin’ in June:

What's Occurin' - June
Euro 2016:
OK, so I have managed to catch a *bit* of footie, but nowhere near as much as I’d like because I bought a cottage with a massive garden.  Who’s idea was that, anyway??

Moving on… I took some time out to support/scream at the top of my lungs for Wales, and then England and have caught a half here and there of Germany, France, and Portugal.

That’s the only TV I’ve watched all month.  Thank God for TVCatchUp, which has allowed me to watch the little I have tuned into from the comfort of my bed.

This guy is a completely adorable little otter who, I think, lives in Japan with his Mum.   Not his otter Mum; a human one…who has Instagram.

If you haven’t caught video footage of this   champ chomping on his cat food by picking it up, throwing his head back, and shovelling it into his glorious chops,  then you are NOT living your best life.

He is unbelievably cute and is the only living thing on earth that I don’t want to punch in the face for making the LOUDEST chewing noises I’ve ever heard.    

This otter has been a huge hit in our household where I constantly show Les snaps and Instas of dogs dressed as lobsters and he obediently nods his head and pretends to be interested.  When I comes to Poncayan he has actually *requested* footage.   He might actually be perfect, after all.  

You can tune into Poncayan’s adventures on Instagram and,  I daresay, many other social media platforms that I haven’t got round to discovering yet.

I am a constant visitor to the local charity shops in Dolgellau and I’m never stuck for a wide selection of crime novels.   I’m reliably informed they also sell other books, but that’s just the word on the street.  

As I was investigating The Agatha Christie Mile in Torquay recently,  I’ve been on a bit of a Poirot kick.    

Death in the Clouds has been my book of choice this month and, as time’s been very short in June, I was pleased to see it was a relatively thin novel.

It is, like every other Christie volume I’ve ever read, jolly good fun and terribly, terribly exciting….  Seriously: it’s simply divine, darling.

Primark Brand Blackberry Tinted Lip Balm:
I picked this up at the till during a recent jaunt to refresh my impressive collection of vest tops that I wear when I’m relaxing at home/working in the garden.

I first tested out the lip balm it by smearing it right across my mouth and heading off to Porthmadog to do a little shopping.

I was only later, after all the shopping, that I checked a mirror later on a realised I looked vaguely reminscent of The Joker from Batman.  It. Was. Everywhere.    As it turns out, Primark’s Blackberry Lip Balm is TINTED.   I looked like I’d let a two year old paint my face.  Badly.  

If Primark could note the whole ‘tinted thing’ on the tin, that would be grand.   However, it *does* have excellent staying power, so there’s that.   It smells good, too…particularly if you smear it all over your mouth and under your nose.   It’s also priced at a fabulous £1.  

I also picked up a Lemon tin, so why I couldn’t have chosen THAT one to cover   myself in before leaving the house is anyone’s guess.  Live and learn, people. 

Home Bargains Salt and Vinegar Rice Thins:
OMG.   They bad boys are seriously strong and seriously tasty.    They come in little trays of around 40-50 in each full pack.

They do NOT last long, but are less than £1 each and also come in Cheese and Onions and Sweet Chilli flavour.    It’s worth a two hour round trip to Bangor JUST to stock up on them.

Plus, you feel totally virtuous eating them because they’re baked and not fried.  Or I do, anyway.  

What’s been ocurrin’ in your world in June? 

Suz x

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