Bullet Journaling

Once upon a time, many, many years ago, in order to help me with my depression, someone suggested I take note of 3 good things that happened to me every day.   I won’t lie to you; it wasn’t always easy, but it did make me stop and take stock of a lot of things that I maybe took for granted in my life.     

Taking 5 minutes out at the start at the end of the day (and that’s all it takes), does help to focus your mind; particularly if, like me, you’re quite often running from one thing to the other and simply dreading getting through a working day without disaster.

If you can manage to set your alarm 5 minutes earlier (no, I don’t do this.  I just go to work 5 minutes later or think about my three things while I’m driving) you can consider your schedule for the day and come up with three challenges or tasks that you’d like to achieve by the time you hop back into bed that night.

When you hop back into bed that night, you reflect back on your day and note three things that went well, or as I refer to mine: The Three Highlights.     Sometimes, just getting out of bed is one of my highlights.   I’m not even kidding.     However, I do try to focus on something a *little* more productive than that.  Also: I said this was bullet journaling and it’s actually 10 minute journaling, but whatever.    

On the bad days, taking a bit of time out at night to look back over the day at what worked and what didn’t; what you could have done better, and how you reacted to problems, can often give you a sense of perspective.  It also helps me to look at the impact of my actions on those around me.   

I’m a huge fan of doing things for other people (which I often do at the expense of doing things for myself), but I’m OK with that and I know the impact something tiny can have on my day, so I like to think it works the same way for everyone else.  It totally doesn’t though.  Some folks are just mean. 

It’s currently Thursday morning as I write this post and I have compiled my list of three challenges for today, which are (drum roll, please…):

    • Walk a mile around Dolgellau at lunch time (doesn’t sound that hard; totally is)
    • Go for a 2 mile run when I get home from work (OMG the effort)
    • Check out accommodation for upcoming trip (no looking at animals dressed as humans for me tonight).

    Granted, the last one is something I will have to do at *some* point before I fly off on holiday, but I do find that writing it down helps  to give myself a time line to get the ball rolling.    You never know, though, by tomorrow morning, that might well be the only thing I’ve crossed off my list.   How can I possibly fail with that kind of positive thinking, though?

    By the time I roll into bed this evening, I hope to have completed all three tasks and can fall asleep, contented, with a certain sense of achievement, however small that might be.     It’s the little things that count, right?   Exactly.   

    Whether I’ll get through Friday’s challenges is a whole other story.     Baby steps….

    Have you tried 5 minute journaling and, if so, have you found it useful in focusing your attention or recognising your daily achievements?

    Suz x

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