Rural Adventures

Bodnant Welsh Food Centre

Having worked as an Inspector for VisitScotland for a few years, I can now spot a brown tourist sign at a hundred paces and clapped my eyes on this one a few weeks ago when LT and I were out for the day in Llandudno.   

We were back in Llandudno yesterday (what can I say, it’s a beautiful town) and decided to take a little detour on the way home to have a coffee break and see what Welsh food was on offer.

Time to check out some Welsh food!
Farm Shop at the Centre
I was immediately struck by how busy the car park was on a rainy Thursday and this is generally the sign of quality, in my opinion.   For what that’s worth….   The farm shop on site is amazing and we spend a good while, wandering round, salivating at the massive range of produce from around the country and beyond.  I spotted some Scottish Gin, so that put a smile on my face and, although I know that Wales has a reputation for producing craft beers and ciders, I had no idea just how BIG the range was.  There was a full shelf crammed with beautiful bottles; all of which looked very enticing.

pie heaven… 
Yeah, I’ll have one of each, please…  
My teeth are falling out just looking at these goodies.
Trying out ALL OF THE BREAD.
As well as the butcher counter, stocked with welsh lamb, sausages and other meats, there was an array of baked pies, cheeses, and a bakery counter where I got to test out some artisan breads.  As we’re currently living in a rented apartment, we’ve got the tiniest freezer in the world, or I’d definitely have stocked up on some local sausages and burgers that we could cook on the fire pit in the grounds in our complex when the sun returns.     

After all the gawping at the food, we hit the Café and relaxed in the outdoor courtyard, under the canopy to keep out of the rain.   Unfortunately, I was driving, so it was a coffee for me.  LT made the most of this and tried out his new nation’s Welsh apple cider.   He was not disappointed.

Bodnant Courtyard…for the weary, bread filled, traveller.  
I love a fountain, I do.
LT takes his cider drinking very seriously.   This stuff is soo good. 
I’m so glad we popped in to Bodnant – it really is a fantastic attraction and all the staff members we met were lovely.    I doubt it’ll be long before we’re back.
Bodnant Welsh Food Centre is located in the town of Llanwrst, North Wales.  

Suz x

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