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What’s Occurrin’ – July

What's Occurrin' - July

Welcome to my monthly update of what I’ve been watching, reading and generally getting up to in July. 

TV: Beck:
I love a good Scandinavian crime book and I’m a huge fan of Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo’s Martin Beck series. The couple’s books were written in the 1960’s and are often seen as the inspiration for the fabulous crime writers and characters that followed them.  

I’ve read the series several times over and always loved how the stories unwound around Beck, his colleagues and the office politics that were always present.   Martin was never your stereotypical heavy drinking, problem addled Inspector on the edge of disaster.  He was perfectly normal.  And for that, I loved him.  

I don’t watch much TV, but recently caught an ad for a dramatisation of Beck which was showing on BBC Four.   As soon as I realise it was Swedish made and not an English interpretation, I had to watch it.  I also ha to make sure I had no distractions and I don’t speak Swedish and am unable to move my eyes from the screen for fear of missing something important.   Like the identity of the murderer, for example.  

I tuned into BBC iPlayer and caught an episode called ‘The Weakest Link’.   I recognised it very loosely from one of the books and thought it was well made and Beck was exactly as I expected him to be.   He’s not jolly, but hardly morose, either.   Gunvald Larsson, the arrogant colleague from the novels was also brilliantly cast and portrayed.    I’ll definitely be tuning in to more.   

What's Occurrin' - July - A Scot in North Wales
Book of the Month, courtesy of Agatha Christie.  
Books: Death in the Clouds – Agatha Christie:
I bought this gorgeous little book second hand in my local charity store in Dolgellau and it’s so old that the price listed on it is 2 and 6.  I’ve no idea what that actually means in terms of value, but it cost me 50p in 2016, so I’m good with that. 

Death in the Clouds basically tells the story of a sudden death on a flight between England and France, which is caused by someone spitting a poisonous dart into some posh lady’s neck.  I do wish someone could come up with something a bit different every so often… 

None of the passengers admit to seeing anything flying through the air; all of them flatly deny any involvement, and it’s left to Hercule Poirot who, also happened to also be on the flight, to work with the Police and figure out whodunnit.   

The book is a pretty slim volume, which always please me as I have the attention span of  someone with a very short attention span.   Anyway, it proved to be a great dead and, as always, I failed completely to work out who the murderer was.   

What's Occurrin' - July - A Scot in North Wales
If you need me, I’ll be where my reputation don’t precede me… 
Music: Miranda Lambert – Vice:
It might only be a new single, with the eternal hope of a new album on the way, but despite it only having been released a few days ago, I’ve already got it on constant repeat and know all the words.   

There’s nothing by ML that I don’t love, so the sudden drop of a new song made my month.  The song is the first to be released following her divorce from fellow country superstar, Blake Shelton, so it was always going to be a melancholy affair.   And it didn’t disappoint.    Her lyrics are so honest and raw that you can immediately relate to every line.   

If you haven’t discovered Miranda Lambert yet, you’re missing out.    

What's Occurrin' - July - A Scot in North Wales
Good Time and Engaged….and a big stuffed Bee.  

Cosmetics: The Essence Gel Nail Polish:
I picked up two of these little bottles during my weekly shop last week in ‘Good Times’ (pretty much lime green) and ‘Engaged’ (a pearly pink).   Each was priced at £1.60, so I wasn’t really expecting too much from them.

The polish was really easy to use and I applied two coats.   Unfortunately, by the time the evening was through, it had already started to peel.   I wasn’t doing anything more strenuous than pouring wine (obviously…), so it’s not as if I was giving them a rigorous testing.    The only upside (if you can call it that) was that at least the polish came off in strips, with it being gel and all…        

I doubt very much whether I’ll buy any more as I’m far too lazy to apply nail polish only to have to repeat the process the next day.    I would merely end up with chipped gel polish which would make me look like I didn’t care.   I really don’t, but I’d prefer it if it didn’t show.     Still, I got what I paid for and the colours are really pretty.   

What's Occurrin' - July - A Scot in North Wales
This makes Monday mornings a little more bearable.

Food and Drinks: Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino Powder:
This tin of joy came all the way from Canada as a gift for Les from his uncle.  I’m generally not a massive fan of vanilla coffee, but I am a cappuccino addict, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.   The instructions call for 2 heaped tablespoons of the powder in your mug, but it was so sweet that I couldn’t actually drink it.    I use one teaspoon of regular coffee and one teaspoon of the powder and it’s just perfect.  

It’s been in the cupboard for two weeks and it’s already half empty.   I’m not even sure if I can get it in the UK.   There;s every chance my next holiday might be to Canada.

What’s been occurrin’ in your world this July?

Suz x 


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