Social Media Commentators…

Social Media Commentators - A Scot in North Wales

I can be a bit of a wallflower.   I hate confrontation and I despise arguing.  I like to be decent and give people the benefit of the doubt, but I also understand that it’s not always possible.  Some people are just awful, right?

What makes awful people even more awful is the internet.   If you’re a judging, petty and callous person IRL, chances are you’re even worse when tucked away in the privacy of your basement, clacking away on your keyboard writing shitty statements.     

It honestly never fails to amaze me how many people are like this.  For example, I follow Taylor Swift on Instagram (because obviously) and she recently uploaded a photo of her on the front cover of Vogue.   The FRONT COVER OF VOGUE, folks!  

Was that something for everyone to celebrate along with Taylor? No.  No it wasn’t.   Taylor’s blonde hair had been bleached and, well…people were losing their shit.    I can see their point because, I mean, she didn’t ask anyone; didn’t tell us she was doing it; she didn’t seek our permission.   It’s almost as if she has a brain and a life of her own.   I hate it when that happens.

Social Media Commentators - A Scot in North Wales

A similar thing happened when I caught wind of the whole ‘Tayvin’ breakup.   People seemed genuinely upset about a relationship they were not part of; between two people they’ve never met and have no business judging

The comments on who did what; who allegedly  cheated on who, and quite HOW Taylor Swift managed to up her boyfriend game quite so much between Harry from One Direction and Tom Hiddleston, were rife.   

We know nothing about their relationship, how they met, how Calvin Harris is feeling, etc, but so many of us are more than happy to speculate and put our views forward as the ‘truth’ without giving a single thought to how we would feel if the tables were turned.

I know famous people are fodder for tabloids and online intrusion, but why are people quite so nasty to them?   Why can’t we all just say: ‘Oh, that’s nice Taylor – your hair is lovely bleached, but it’s also really nice a little darker’, or : ‘so, you’re 25 and you split up with someone and moved on? Pretty sure I did that when I was your age’ or: ‘as long as you’re happy and, let’s face it, the only people who really know what’s going on are you two, so it would be a bit odd of me to intrude and tell you what I think of your private relationship’.   When did we lose the ability to be supportive and kind instead of becoming online bullies?  

I know she’s in the public eye and will always be a target for catty comments, but she’s not someone you see falling out of clubs, staggering around drunk or being admitted to hospital for ‘exhaustion’.   You might not love her music, but she’s hardly a terrible role model now, is she?  

Social Media Commentators - A Scot in North Wales

I follow Doug The Pug on Instagram (and all other social media outlets) and I recently saw a pic of him hovering over a pizza, where someone had written in the comments, chastising his owner.  I’m not even kidding.   He wasn’t actually *eating* the pizza, he was just with it.   Who calls out a little dog????  He’s not human, people – he doesn’t understand!! 

Even if his owner read the comment – what do you think it would achieve?? She’d be all like ‘oh yeah, the smell of pizza is lethal for dogs, let me stop doing all of this immediately.   Thanks for your comment; It’s only now I see the error of my ways…’  

No.  She’ll be like, ‘my dog has 1.9million followers on Instagram and his birthday parties are better than yours. Also:  he can’t read because of the whole ‘he’s a dog’ thing.’

Plus: he’s a defenceless, harmless and absolutely gorgeous pug who deserves nothing but snuggles and snacks.   

I’m all for freedom of speech, but I hate it when it’s used as an excuse to be mean.   Why can’t we all just get along?  

Suz x


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