What’s Occurrin’ – August

Welcome to my monthly round up.    I’ve been a bit busy recently with wedding planning, training at work and exploring Newcastle, but I still managed to squeeze in some new stuff.

This is what I’ve been listening to, reading and trying out in August:

What's Occurrin' - August
Brass in Pocket – Stephen Puleston:
My Mum sent me a post on fb a few weeks ago regarding this author.  Firstly, because she knows I love my crime fiction but, secondly, because the author is Welsh. And not only Welsh, but North Walian.   

I’m not usually a huge fan of British based novels and I tend to go for something American or Scandinavian as a general rule.   However, when I realised the novels were mainly set in Conwy, which is in my neck of the woods, clearly they had to be mine.

I bought the trilogy from Amazon and started ‘Spilled Blood’ during my recent trip to Barca.  I was instantly hooked.

Everything from the actual complexity of the crimes (murdering police officers always gets my attention), to the mentions of the A55 and landmarks and towns that I’ve actually been in and, of course, the quality of the writing, made it difficult for me to put down.

I don’t feel that way very often, so I’m excited to get through  the other two titles.   No doubt, you’ll get to hear about another one in September’s round up.   
Rio Olympics:
It’s been difficult to avoid the Rio Olympics (not that I’ve been trying) over the course of August as it dominated my TV and every social media outlet I use.

And it was bloody good.  As I discussed HERE, I ended up watching a lot of random disciplines; some I thoroughly enjoyed (men and women’s road racing) and some I literally didn’t get (fencing). 

Still, I watched and could at least appreciate the talent and dedication on show, even if some of the rules were beyond me.

Athletes amaze me.  I can’t get myself out if bed before 7:50am on a normal working day and trying to convince myself to go outside a run even a measly 2 miles is often an impossible task. 

Watching the incredible work ethic and sheer bloody determination of everyone involved was, quite frankly, still not enough to get me out of the house.   Good for them, though. Also: watching the male swimmers gave me total waxing goals.    

Nerina Pallot: Fires
This isn’t actually new, as such.  It’s an album I bought about a hundred years ago and only rediscovered this month.    I think it’s from something like 2007 or thereabouts.  

We found it while backing up all our music on our server and, well, it hasn’t been off since.   Over use might well be the reason I stopped listening to it in the first place, but I haven’t quite tired of it yet.  I’m a big fan of Norah Jones and anyone who can sing well and play the piano at the same time, so I was nice to hear all these songs again.   And the bonus was that I seemed to have remembered all the words.  

My radiance coil bracelet and sparkly studs for the wedding.  
Stella and Dot Jewellery:
I was recently looking for some little pieces of jewellery that I could easily take to the US with me and that didn’t make me look like a younger version (a much younger version) of Barbara Cartland.   

The company was recommended to me by my sister and I purchased a pair of sparkly earrings and a delicate bracelet that would complement my engagement ring and, you know…make me look like I’d made an effort for once.   This is not an easy task so bravo, S&D.    

You can find more jewellery, bags, scarves and a whole host of other stuffs HERE.

Super Berry Granola:
As Les so quickly pointed out to after I bought a VAT of this stuff; I stopped eating my sugary breakfast bars only to replace them with the sugar from this.

I chose to ignore him completely and feel virtuous about eating a bowl of Lidl or Tesco’s branded berry granola (also comes in other flavours) by mixing it with yogurts and literally stuffing it in to my face until I can eat no more.

It is exceptionally good, and, if I recall correctly, quite cheap.   It may well be full of sugar, which might account for my recent bout of hyper activity, but it is quick and easy and, for me, that’s usually key.   I get to the whole ‘is it good for me?’ thing a bit further down the road.

I grab a bag to take to work on a Monday and either eat it dry  or, as I said before, pop a few tablespoons (let’s say 8) in my yogurt pot.  I can then check my emails, drink my coffee and  get myself sorted for the day ahead.

Do watch out, though.  I have occasionally had reason to get up from my desk, only to find that I have a little pile of granola on my lap/down my top/all over the floor.  I said it was good, I didn’t say it was easy.  

What have you been up to this August?

Suz x 


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