Partially Sober October

I decided to stop drinking during part of October. I got married on Sept 26th and was on honeymoon until Oct 8th, so I obviously couldn’t do it for the first week (no, I couldn’t), and I decided to join in when I got back to Wales.    This is both because I spent the previous two weeks on  holiday and drank more than I would in a normal week, and because I wanted to try and shed a few pounds and thought cutting out alcohol might help.     Exercise might also help, but one step at a time, people.     
Still, not to be deterred by the increased consumption during my holiday, I thought I’d wipe the slate clean the very second I got home. I mean, it can’t be that difficult to cut out wine for 3 weeks, right? It’s not as if I drink every day or need it to get by; I just enjoy it at the weekend, and probably a little more than I should. OK, a LOT more than I should, but let’s not dwell on that too much.
I was sure it would be fairly simple on week nights and the first real test would be after work on a Friday when it’s customary for me to be spotted, just after 5pm,  in the wine aisle at Coop in Dolgellau, browsing through their special offers.   As it turns out, I was quite wrong.
After declaring my intentions, full of confidence, to my husband of less than two weeks, we boarded our connecting home from the US and settled in for a 6 hour trip across the ocean.  We were in the air for about 30 mins before the complimentary drinks cart came round, offering red or white wine to passengers, as well as tea, coffee and whatever else it is that people who don’t drink wine consume.  I couldn’t believe I was about to turn down a free glass of wine. That has *never* happened before. Seriously.
And it wasn’t just the once, ether. Three times the cabin crew came round. THREE. TIMES. And not a drop passed my lips. Did I feel all virtuous and clean? Did I hell. I was tired and more than a little cranky while I sipped the luke warm liquid that was provided to me when I asked for coffee.   
To make things even worse, the lady in the row in front and to my right ordered a glass of white during the first round of drinks and, by the time we were 4 hours in, she was still drinking it. This was also very new to me. I can safely say it’s *never* taken me that long to drink a glass of wine; even a massive one.  I felt like she was taunting me, although clearly she had no idea of my inner torment.   It was at this moment that I realised I had possibly bitten off more than I could chew.   And this was only on the first day.
Fast forward a few hours and we finally arrived back at home in North Wales.  As we got into the drive, we realised that there was bunting hanging from our gate.   As we moved further into the grounds of the house, we soon realised it was everywhere.   As well as bunting, there were Chinese lanterns hanging from trees and decals stuck to our windows.  Clearly, someone had been very busy before our return.  This cheered me up no end and it was something that had taken so much time to research and make before attaching to every available surface in the garden.  On trying to get into the house via the back door, we realised that our Bunting Queens had also left gifts.   And you’ve guessed it…these included two bottles of Champagne.   On entering the house and checking the front door, there was also gifts there…including ANOTHER bottle of Champagne.  
Three bottles of Champagne, people…all sitting on my doorsteps, practically begging to be opened to celebrate our marriage.   I might have the worse sense of timing ever.  
Anyway, it’s now the 12thOctober and I haven’t had any wine since Saturday 8th.    I’ve been way too jet lagged to do anything after work other than collapse into bed, to be honest, so it hasn’t even crossed my mind, so far.   I imagine by the time I shake it off, I’ll be staring at all those bottles with longing.  
3 days down, only 20 more to go… 
Suz x


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