Puppy Love

I love dogs.   Let’s just get that out in the open right away.    I love them a LOT.  I know not when my doggo love affair (OK, obsession) started, but it’s been a pretty permanent fixture of my life for a long, long time.

I’m not a massive fan of humans, though. They’re all judgemental and mean and, well…chatty and stuff.  Dogs don’t do that.   Well, not that I’ve heard, anyway.   Maybe it’s a secret thing they do when they’re together at the dog park; I just don’t know.

What I DO know, however, is that they’re nice and kind and affectionate and they don’t care in the least if you haven’t brushed your teeth or had a shower that day.  Honestly – they couldn’t give one.    

This might be because they haven’t brushed their teeth or had a shower, either, but I like to think it’s because they understand that these aren’t really the most important attributes in a best friend.  Regular snack distribution and walks are almost certainly what they’re looking for.

puppy love
just LOOK at this face…
I’ve had dogs pretty much my entire life and, and Les has come to realise, I really do prefer them to people.  Not him, obviously, but most of the other people.

Nothing makes me happier than spotting a dog. I can be driving home for work and will grin out of my window like a maniac because I spot a pup out walking with his Dad, or simply see one on Instagram (thanks, Doug the Pug) and, regardless of how I’m feeling, they always make me smile.    

I once snap chatted a screenshot of the fact the Doug the Pug liked one of my tweets and sent it everyone I knew. I realise, you know, it wasn’t *actually* Doug that liked the tweet, but Doug’s mum is the brains behind the whole internet phenomenon, so I love her too.  It made my week.   If I had to choose between one of my human idols liking something of mine and some crinkly, squishy faced, adorable little bundle of joy; I’m with the dog every single time.

My Facebook friends consistently post dog videos for me to watch because they’ve been unable to escape the madness during the time they’ve known me, and this is brilliant.   The fact that they know I’d rather look at doggos than actual people is deeply satisfying.  Mainly because it’s completely true.

puppy love
Squishy puppies are the best.
A few months ago, on one of my rather infrequent runs around my village, I passed a guy with a puppy English Bull Terrier.  I came to a screeching halt before kneeling down and getting a dog snog and snuggle to keep me going for the day.   The dog (Belle, as I discovered later), was just a few months old and her Dad told me that people tend to keep out of her way because of her breed.   Having been a Staffy and American Bulldog owner for years, I knew only too well how short sighted people are and didn’t think twice about it. I don’t think twice about cuddling any dog; but I am drawn like a moth to any dog with any excess skin on their face, or adorable wrinkles and head like a brick.

I bumped into the pair a few times over the subsequent weeks and always stopped for a cuddle.  With the dog; not her Dad.  I even got the man’s name, which I always forget about, and therefore could stop referring to him as ‘Belle’s Dad’.  I recall being over the moon on one occasion when Noel (AKA Belle’s Dad) told me that she’d been so calm and relaxed her entire walk until she spotted me and then got excited.  It’s possibly the loveliest thing I’ve ever heard.  Stuff your ‘I love you’ or ‘you look great today’, but tell me your dog likes me and I’m all set.  I rushed back to the cottage to tell Les who was, as usual, slightly alarmed by my level of crazy dog lady-ness (I’m sure that’s a thing).

Fast forward a month or so and one of the staff at the surgery where Les works showed him a photo of her brother’s Bull Terrier.   We live in a small village, so he immediately knew it had to be Belle and informed Gwenan of JUST how much he’d already heard about her.  This then led to Belle coming round to my house to visit.   

puppy love
I adore a set of crinkle chops 
THIS, people is how you make friends.  None of that club joining; fitness class persevering or randomly trying to make friends in a new place when you move.   All you need to do is run around anywhere with Excellent Dog Walking Potential and the rest will just fall into place. Who wants human friends when you can have dogs?? 

Unfortunately, it’s currently pouring down outside, so running’s probably not on the cards today.   There’s unlikely to be that many doggos out in this for very long, anyway.   I checked, though, and the weather looks much brighter tomorrow.   I’ll wait until then to go out and meet my new furry buddies.

And their humans, of course.   But mainly just the dogs. 
Suz x

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