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More Christmas Movies For People Who Don’t Like Christmas Movies

Last December I wrote about my slight bah humbug attitude towards Christmas in that, you know, I’m not its biggest fan. I’m not against it in any way; I just really can’t be bothered with all the hassle. I’d be quite happy if you left me, vegged out in my pyjamas for two weeks, and just came and ordered me into the shower when it was time to go back to work.

Anyway, I do have to make some effort to fit in with everyone else at this time of year, and I’m not totally against sitting on my backside watching movies. I am, however, not a fan of ACTUAL Christmas movies in the traditional sense.  

Therefore, in the spirit of continuing on from the choices I made for Christmas 2015, I’ve decided to compose another list of movies that are ideal viewing for people who don’t really want to watch movies about Christmas, but still want their families to speak to them.   Last year’s list included such classics as Die Hard because obviously and, well…you can see the rest of them here.  Although I will be watching all those amazing titles again this season, I thought I’d update my list a little and find another 5 movies that can loosely be tied to Christmas, but without all the weird fake joy and shit.   

Please don’t make me watch Four Christmases again.  

Home Alone:
As much as I’m not a fan of the holidays, I am a huge fan of this movie. It’s just too much fun to dislike, despite its sometimes cheesy Christmassy nonsense. You simply cannot beat a small child defeating bungling burglars in the most cruel and painful way ever and not glean some sort of enjoyment from the process. I’m willing to bet this movie was responsible for a huge drop in home invasions circa 1990. Also: how much fun is it to be alone in your house and do what the hell you please?  It’s like I’ve been saying all my life…

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service:
Nothing says Christmas quite like shooting and blasting, am I right? And nothing says posh Christmas quite like a bit of everyone’s favourite dashing and indestructible spy. In this outing, Bond is played by George Lazenby, who was a very short lived, but nonetheless, thoroughly decent actor.  In the true spirit of Christmas, I’d personally like George to be remembered as the First and Best Festive Bond.

In this snow soaked adventure he battles with bad guy, Telly Savalas, and is joined by the lovely Joanna Lumley for fun and frolics in the freezing cold.  Also: there’s an avalanche involved.  What’s more seasonal than that, I ask you?  Nothing, that’s what. 

Iron Man 3:
Not even sorry about including this one. If a movie is *set* at Christmas, it’s totally eligible, and this one is (hurrah!). Tony Stark returns of the third instalment in the, quite frankly, greatest super hero, action man type character thing EVER created.  I wasn’t even a little bit upset that they made this one a touch Christmassy because Robert Downey Junior can do no wrong in my eyes and that’s just the way it is. 

In Iron Man 3, Stark returns to fight more baddies along with Pepper and the rest of the gang. He ends up making friends with a little boy who reminds him of himself (can’t possibly be a bad thing, can it?) in a town decked out for the holidays with lights and trees and all that other stuff.  However, the inclusion of all this unnecessary seasonal backdrop stuff shouldn’t distract you from the real story of Iron Man saving the world.  Again.   And those arms.   

While You Were Sleeping:
As well as not being a fan of Christmas movies, I’m also allergic to ‘chick flicks’ for the most part.   However, While You Were Sleeping and Juno are my only exceptions. I find it almost impossible not to like Sandra Bullock and, believe me, I have put some effort in to it. 

The draw of this film is that I can totally relate to the main character and the massive mess she gets herself into by not being able to let anyone down.  She somehow manages to be completely endearing and absolutely useless at the same time and I like that.   Although the movie is based around the Christmas holidays it manages to focus on severe head injuries and a web of deceit to keep your mind off it.   And there’s nothing wrong with that in my book.

I promised I’m not turning into an emotional old woman.  Well, no more so than usual, but I did like this movie when I watched it forever ago.  I chose it because of John Cusack, who stars in one of my favourite movies of all time; The Runaway Jury, and decided I’d give it a bash.  Despite its overly romantic and unrealistic storyline, I found myself enjoying it.  Not in the same way that I enjoy Die Hard or anything, but I managed to sit through the whole thing without wanting to throw stuff at the TV.  That’s progress in my house.  

The movie is a *touch* cheesy but I can handle watching it once a year and enjoying the spectacle of John Cusack (obviously) and rejoicing in how pretty New York looks in the winter.   

Suz x 


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