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How To Achieve 10,000 Steps Each Day Without Breaking a Sweat

‘I’ll be the first to admit that I can be lazy.  Super lazy, actually.  I also really like food.  Like, really.’ 

Given I’m unlikely to stop eating, the only way I can keep my weight down is to exercise. And I hate exercise. I literally force myself to the gym three times most weeks, but I still needed to do much more on my off days. This is how I tricked myself into 10,000 steps a day*

How to Achieve 10,000 step a day
If only it was this easy, huh?

‘Parking in, say, another town, won’t be of much benefit and you’ll only end up being late.

Park a little farther away
It’s true; it works. Don’t go overboard though. Parking in, say, another town, won’t be of much benefit and you’ll only end up being late. Parking a *touch* further away will absolutely up your step count.

I park in the local leisure centre spaces (I have a pass, so don’t bother reporting me to the Council staff) and this means I have a couple of minutes walk from my car to the office door.  Most of the time, this is fine. In the winter, it’s not. Like, at ALL. In the winter, it’s just torturous, but as I walk an average of 13 steps a day when it’s cold, it all helps to boost my daily count.

Get up from your desk every hour
I drink a shit ton of coffee during the working day. Primarily because I’m addicted, but also because it gets me out of my seat and headed towards the kitchen. As well as giving yourself a break from your computer screen, it just helps you escape from work for a few minutes and there ‘ain’t nuthin’ bad ’bout that.

Also, if you’re like me and have the World’s Smallest Bladder, drinking so much coffee means that you also have to visit the toilet regularly, which means even more steps. Score!

Lunchtime walks
I work in a really small town, so wandering around at lunch is quite pleasant. I also have a serious charity shop obsession, so the mere thought of finding a bargain during the working day is usually enough to eject me from my office chair and into the town centre.

You’ll be surprised at just how many steps you can rack up from a short walk and it all adds up.

‘Wheeling a bin down to the end of the driveway pales in comparison with utter hell that is putting stuff in the compost bin. There are WORMS in there.’

Taking out the rubbish/compost
I hate taking bins out because obviously. However, wheeling a bin down to the end of the driveway pales in comparison with utter hell that is putting stuff in the compost bin. There are WORMS in there.

We have an old plastic Quality Street tub in the kitchen that we keep our veggie peelings in and it’s a trek of Everest proportions from there to the compost bin. Seriously: it’s really far. Also, it’s often cold and wet. Anyway, I have been trying my best to grab hold of these opportunities recently, despite the increasingly worried glances from my husband.

I now dart out to the bin, hold my breath as I lift the lid, and dump the contents on top of all the decomposing, smelly, rotten crap that lives in there.  This, people, is my commitment to 10,000 steps a day.  If you’re lucky enough not to have a compost bin, just empty your other bins more often.  Or you can expend just as much mental energy working whether it’s blue, brown or green week because that’s even more exhausting.

Marching while you cook dinner
I can often be found cooking in my kitchen of an evening. While I’m cooking, however, I stand my iPad on the counter and put on something distracting (Sherlock or Whitechapel are my personal favourites) while I march around the room, like a maniacal General, staking out the front line between the fridge, the cupboards, and the hob.

Please note that there is some risk involved with this. For example, don’t do it when you’re chopping because that will *never* end well.

Only do it when safe to do so. Like when you’re stirring. Or waiting. Under no circumstances can you sit down until the meal is prepared. Or at least until your husband comes home and wonders what in all that is Holy you’re up to now.

‘It gets me the stuff I need, increases my heart rate (MAN, my stairs are steep) and I often pretend like I’m on Crystal Maze…y’know, just to make it more interesting.’

Do things individually
OK, so it’s not the most efficient use of time, but it does mean more movement, which means more steps.

Instead of piling my arms high with my phone, laptop, schedule, pens, sweater, and all manner of assorted items that I seem to carry backwards and forwards from my desk each day, I now take two or three trips. And I simply do it faster. It gets me the stuff I need, increases my heart rate (MAN, my stairs are steep) and I often pretend like I’m on Crystal Maze…y’know, just to make it more interesting. Also, I don’t drop so much any more, which is always a bonus.

Get a Dog
To be fair, this is my answer to All Of The World’s Problems. Getting a rescue doggo, or adopting a beautiful pupper will absolutely, certainly up your step count.

We don’t all have time for that kind of daily commitment to feeding and snuggling (I’m sorry, but what kind of monster can’t commit to puppy snuggling?), so we often have to borrow other people’s pets to get us off the sofa on a Monday night.

Dog walking can also raise you a few extra pounds each week AND you get to speak to dogs. What, I ask, could possibly be better than walking 10,000 steps a day and having a heavy jowled companion to do it with?  Nothing, that’s what. NOTHING. NADA. ZERO. 

What do you do to be a bit more active during the week?

Suzanne x

*I try to do this on my gym days, too.  You know, if I can be bothered.


3 thoughts on “How To Achieve 10,000 Steps Each Day Without Breaking a Sweat”

  1. This is so me…so so lazy and hate exercise but I love cooking..arghh..that's my number one hobby. I totally love the tips you've suggested, the marching while cooking dinner had me dying, and I love the 'do things individually' part. I'm just going to do that nw ;). Thanks


  2. Same! It takes me all my time to make myself do something. My hubby has recently moved jobs to the same town as me and we've been car sharing, so on the days he goes to the gym, I literally have no choice unless i want to walk 5 miles home. I scowl the entire time I'm there, but it's working out not too bad!


  3. I love the idea of marching while cooking. My hubby already thinks I'm crazy, so, WTH, he will think I'm even crazier. Today I did three laps (walking laps) around the yard when hubby and I took the dogs out to play. I have asthma and bad legs so I walk slow, but at least I'm moving. I also do funky things with my arms as I'm walking, like raising them 10 times above my head then 10 times out to the side. Hubby laughs at me, the dogs bark at me and follow me, but it's movement.


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