2018: The Year of Non Resolutions

2018: The Year of Non Resolutions

‘I stopped making New Year resolution many years ago after many, many failed attempts to keep them…’

Eventually, I just figured it wasn’t worth the effort of having to come up with them only to flagrantly disregard all my newly thought out ambitions a few weeks later. 

Basically, I don’t really agree with going through the stress and anxiety when I know myself well enough to realise that there’s little chance of sticking with an ill-thought out decision *just* because I made it on Dec 31st.  I’d much rather think things through and do what I need to do when I feel the time is right for me, as opposed to being forced into it by the Gregorian calender. 

2017 has been a somewhat interesting year, on a personal level.  I’m still enjoying North Wales; still employed; LT and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary and we managed to squeeze in a fair bit of travelling between Naples, Riga, Vilnius, Brussels, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. 

On the down side, I lost my beloved furry best friend; turned into quite a wee fat pie, and still have no answers to the chronic health problems I’ve been suffering from for as long as my memory can recall. At the very end of the year, I lost an old school friend at it’s made me wonder why anyone bothers to make resolutions for anything.    

I have no major life changes planned for 2018 and my only real aim in life these days is to be happy.  It’s not always an easy path when you suffer, as I do, with depression and anxiety, but it is certainly achievable if you believe in your own worth and make the best of even the shittiest of situations that are slung in your general direction. 

2018 has a lot in store, with my 40th birthday, more planned travels to Marrakech, Zadar and Madrid and, with any luck, another US road-trip to finish off the year.  

I always want to be more organised, drink more water, eat fewer crisps (a long shot, let’s be honest), read more books, do more writing, and *finally* catch the last 3 seasons of Criminal Minds but, once you understand that life has an uncanny ability to get in the way of carrying out these tasks, you stop beating yourself up and just get on with it. 

So, for 2018, I’m gonna make sure I’m a good person and let everything else do its own thing.   Wish me luck…


Suzanne x



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