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January: Take Ten

Take Ten: August
So many tasks, so little time…

You know what it’s like; you spend your days running round between work, kids, chores, cooking, cleaning, and every other task you need to squeeze into a single 24 hour period… 

Often, this means that the little niggly, annoying tasks get left behind. For me, these are things like responding to the email that I flagged in my inbox 4 days ago, or resetting the iTunes password I lost last month and stops me downloading anything on my iPad. These are the jobs that pile up around me, end up driving me insane and seriously impact my productivity in the longer term.

There’s nothing that frustrates me more than needing to make a money transfer and then realising I still haven’t ordered a new pin for my online banking or trying to find a receipt I need for claiming expenses and realising that I was so rushed when I got it, I stuffed in somewhere ‘safe’ that I’ve now forgotten about. Ten minutes may seem like a tiny amount of time – and it is – but it’s amazing how much you can achieve when you put your mind to it. These are my Take Ten Tips for August:

How long do you spend scrolling through your inbox, randomly deleting superfluous emails that you don’t even need?

The next time you receive one (or six), scroll down, click on the unsubscribe link and banish that crap from your inbox forever. It takes seconds to do, stops your inbox looking like your spam filter, and gets rid of those highly annoying emails about all the special offers on that Nectar card you have but never use.

After all, the more junk you rid yourself of from your email, the less chance you having of missing those important daily updates from Buzzfeed with all those adorable doggos in them, right??

Clear Out One Drawer:
If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of your time raking through tops, skirts, trousers and dresses on a daily basis, trying desperately to find something for work that could realistically be classed as a match.

I will rummage through the same pile of clothes several times a week, despite having the sneaking suspicion that there’s nothing in it I want.  To make life just that little bit easier, I spend ten minutes each week either pulling things out of drawers and closets that I know I won’t use (summer clothes in winter and, well…summer clothes in summer, if I’m being honest…).

I have a huge linen cupboard that stores anything I don’t need to hang up, but it’s in no semblance of any order and it’s such a huge task that I just don’t have the required energy to take it on all at once.

However, setting aside a few minutes each week to grab out a single pile of clothes, check them to see what I want to keep, what needs to go to the local chazza, and what I can separate into work and casual wear, slowly starts to break down the seemingly overwhelming task in to bite sized, manageable pieces.

Make One Call:
Anyone who reads the blog knows I’m a total Introvert. I despise using the phone for talking and I rarely ever answer it unless I know who’s on the line and I’m in the frame of mind to chat to them (I don’t even answer my home phone purely for the reason that it has no display).

I use the phone very sparingly and would much rather just send an email. Although tech has moved on a *lot*, from time to time I still need to use the actual phone part of my phone and, as much as this distresses me, I try to get on with it. What I mean by ‘getting on with it’ is making a note of any calls I absolutely need to make and the getting the most pressing one over and done with.

It could be that I’m putting it off because I don’t want to speak, but it’s more than likely because I know I’ll be stuck on hold for half a day before I finally get through to someone who tells me they can’t help.

This put me off enormously…I’m talking to the point where it has cost me money to keep a subscription because I can’t cope with getting out of it.  Choose the call that’s costing you money to put off, or will make an improvement to your life and just make it. Remind yourself that it only needs to be one at a time and, trust me, this thought will make it so much easier to deal with.

Do or Say Something Kind:
When we’re all busy rushing around, we tend to forget to do the little things that show your appreciation for friends, family or colleagues because we’re under pressure of feel we don’t have time. We do.  It takes a few seconds to say a simple ‘thanks’ or make a kind comment.

All too often, we seem to put more focus on bringing others down, or commenting on their mistakes, than actually concentrating on what they do right. It might not seem like a big deal, but it does make a huge difference to your own day, and that of whoever’s on the receiving end of your comment.

I recently nominated a colleague of mine – one that I have little in common with and know very little about – for a ‘star moment’ which is in recognition of their work.  I did it purely out of the fact that she handled quite an awkward situation with real poise and, having put myself in her position, I’m not sure I’d have been able to keep from getting flustered. It took me all of two minutes to write the email and send if off and I felt good about doing it.

Send The Text:
We all have personal messages that pile up, or at least I’m hoping you do because, if you don’t, then I’m the world’s worst person.  A text will come through while I’m busy doing something else and then, before I know it, a week has passed and I’ve still not answered.

This makes me feel quite bad, but I struggle getting round to actually *doing* these things.  As part of my ten minutes each week (each day would be better, but imma build up to that…) I will get into bed on any night and make sure I send a reply to that outstanding message.  Beware, though: this often leads to a response which then also has to be responded to….

What are your tips for keeping yourself up to date with life?

Suzanne x



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