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Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business


‘I’m one of those people who likes to start a task but doesn’t necessarily like to finish it.  I am The Queen of The Incomplete, The Empress of the Unfinished; HRH Half a Job…’

I’m not sure *why* I’m like this, but I get bored very easily and have a tendency towards extreme procrastination. One of my ways of making myself think I’m not procrastinating is starting something and then promising I’ll ‘finish it later’.

Often, this is a complete lie, particularly when it’s something I’m doing by choice. If it’s actual work – by which I mean I’m paid for it – I’m not quite as bad.  Although, saying this, I will absolutely still start various tasks and leave them until the last minute to compete.

You have never seen me work as hard as I do when I’m finishing up in the office on a Thursday night.

Anyway, the whole work thing isn’t the main problem (although, clearly I hope my boss doesn’t read this…), but it’s the stuff I do on my personal time that drives me to distraction.  I know my habits well, but I don’t seem capable of changing them.

‘This is why I’ve come up with a plan.  I have decided, ladies and gents, that I am ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN from spending money on New Stuff until I finish everything I have…’

Books and TV
I am an avid buyer of audiobooks and I listen to them every night without fail. It started in 2012 as a way to deal with insomnia and it’s still going strong today (the insomnia and the book buying). I have amassed 70 titles, each varying in length between 6-24 hours and I’ve listened to many of them (I love you, Bill Bryson) countless times.
However, I also have 16 of these books that I’ve never finished.  I’ve started them, got bored mid way and moved on to something else.  Given that each book has cost me £6, that’s almost £100 of books I have in my library – that I own – but haven’t read.
I have a Netflix and a NOW TV account; both of which I flit between, depending on my interest on any day.  This costs me almost £16 each month and I rarely finish watching shows on either of them. I have seen the first episode of more programmes that you would believe.
Makeup Bags
I don’t wear much makeup, but own a shed load of it.  As with everything else, I buy a new mascara or foundation and use half of it.  Then I spot another new brand (claiming to be the Next Best Thing) and I’ll buy that.  As you’ve probably worked out, I will then use half of that and repeat the process.
I’ve no idea how much money I’ve spent, or indeed, how many bottles and tubes of stuff I have in my bathroom cabinet (and bathroom cupboard, various make-up bags, Birchboxes, etc).
I can apply exactly the same principle to all aspects of my life in that I will buy stuff and never get to the end of it. Therefore, my aim for 2018 is two fold: stop buying stuff AND finish the stuff I already have.  Seems like a do-able challenge, right?
In the spirit of taking care of unfinished business, I’ve just frozen my Audible account, cancelled Netflix in favour of NOW TV (it has the entire box set of Criminal Minds and therefore wins hands down), and I’ve been wildly raking through my make-up bags, looking for what needs to be used up first.

I actually think it might be kind of fun.  I’d be interested to see how much money it saves me, as well as how much space it frees up in my house, but I guess I’ll only know what impact I’m making when my local Superdrug closes down due to massively reduced sales of fruity smelling shower gel.

This is my pledge for 2018.   I wonder how long I can keep it up?

What are your resolutions for this year?

Suz xx


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