The Mysterious Case of The Black Sweater

The Mysterious Case of The Black Sweater
This is NOT the sweater in question, so please don’t run out and get one.

‘I was recently reading the news, as I do several times each day, and I was rather surprised to see that one of the leading printed stories on Sky and BBC’s website was about a black sweater…’

This report was lined up against news of mudslides in California and whoever Donald Trump was bullying on Twitter at the time, and the details of the story struck me as quite incredible.

This particular piece of news I was reading was about Meghan Markle’s recent visit to Brixton in London.  I have no idea why she was there as that wasn’t really the focus of the story I read, but what I *do* know is the Most Important Thing and that is, of course, what she was wearing. 

As the story reported, Miss Markle, soon to be Duchess of Carbunkle, or wherever, visited Brixton, dressed in a £45 black sweater (with bell sleeves, no less) which is part of a range by UK retailer, Marks and Spencer.  

‘That’s not even the amazing bit because, as I’m sure you’re aware, people in Britain literally wear jumpers every day.  Even in Summer…’ 

However, in the days since this visit, the item in question has completely sold out.  What I take from this is that women across Britain (and possibly further afield) have rushed to their local branch of M&S and paid £45 for a jumper they spotted on a random woman in Brixton.  I don’t know how often that happens there, but I suspect it’s not a lot.  

Obviously, this isn’t a new thing.  Women across the world have been rushing out to buy some rather expensive dresses that have been seen on Kate Middleton ever since we started seeing her in public a few years ago. 

We rarely hear much of what the woman has to say, but we *always* know where she bought the outfit in which she was saying it.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that public figures are used constantly to market products; and that’s fine. I also know that, even when they’re not being paid for it, they’re pretty much marketing the stuff anyway.  What I don’t get it why anyone would run out and buy them.

Claudia Winkleman

The only instance in my life where I even Googled an outfit was when watching Strictly Come Dancing a few seasons back and spotted Claudia Winkleman in the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen.  I managed to stop at an internet search, though.  In Claudia’s defence, it turned out to be a *touch* out of my price range but, as I’m an introvert who hates going out, I don’t have much call for fancy dresses anyway.  But I digress. 

The point I’m making is this: Firstly, I don’t get why anyone would spend £45 on a jumper, but what I completely fail to understand is why they would buy one just because Prince Harry’s fiancée was seen wearing it.  

Let’s face it, the chances of ever seeing Markle in that jumper again are slim at most.  It’ s not like you’ll be at work one day and she’ll show up on the news and you can be all like:  ‘Well, what do you know, Meg’s got my sweater on!’ or something like that. 

So, given this is unlikely, why have so many people bought one?  I mean, if you were already in the market for a black sweater and had a budget of around £50, then fine; I get it.  If you weren’t, then what the Hell? 

Buy British

In one way, it’s great that this American – who’s soon to be part of the Royal Family – is buying British brands. I’m not buying them, so I appreciate that someone is.  However, all that’s really happened is that thousands more women will now be out and about wearing the same jumpers and that, if nothing else, makes the whole point of having one a whole lot less attractive, no? 

‘I don’t recall the £56k dress she wore to her engagement announcement flying off the shelves in quite the same way, which is probably good because, OMG what if you bought it and spilled your red wine on it??!…’

If nothing else, buying a black sweater from M&S means you can probably spill as much vino down it as you like and still be able to stick it in the machine and wear it again.  There has to be some perk of buying your clothes based on what you see someone else wearing, hasn’t there?

Have you ever bought something purely based on seeing a celebrity wearing it??


Suz x



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