5 Round the World Cocktails for Special Occasions

5 Round the World Cocktails for Special Occasions

I like a cocktail as much as the next 40 year old woman who likes cocktails…

but I *really* like a cocktail that transports me back to some far flung destination I’ve travelled to.  As the inevitable approach to my 40th Birthday continues, I’ve been thinking of my favourite places and trying to conjure up some appropriate party cocktails to celebrate with.  

Not that I need an excuse for a cocktail, you understand…particularly not when it’s my birthday. 

For a few of the cocktails, you’ll need a simple sugar syrup and I find it best to mix this up in advance so I have it ready. The basic recipe uses a 2:1 ratio of water to sugar and this is brought to the boil in pan and then left to cool.  The longer you boil the mixture, the thicker is will become, so it’s a matter of taste, really.  

Santa Fe Susanita
I got married in September 2016 at the historic Santa Fe courthouse in New Mexico. Santa Fe is famous for its margaritas and, therefore, its tequila. Green chilli is also in every amazing meal I ate there.  
In honour of the state and its beautiful abode city, this is my Santa Fe inspired cocktail. For this, your basic sugar syrup recipe includes a chopped up jalapeño chilli, which is then strained from the syrup before use.  

2 parts tequila 
1 part jalapeño sugar syrup 
1 part sparkling tonic water 
A squeeze of fresh lime juice

For a professional twist, mix in a cocktail shaker with ice and pour. 

Tam’s Texas Tea
I recently spent a fantastic two weeks road tripping around the Lone Star State and had discovered their love of Texas Tea (alcoholic and non).  Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice to your sugar syrup in the first instance and then mix together the rest

1 part tequila
1 part rum
1 part triple sec (I sometimes use Cointreau) 
1 part bourbon (whisky will do just fine)

This can be very strong, so watch your measures and adjust it to your taste.  

Milano Spritz
This cocktail was made famous in Galleria Vittoria, just next to the fabulous Duomo, where Les and I spent a chilly few days exploring one March.  No sugar syrup was harmed in the making of this drink.

3 parts Campari or Aperol
2 parts tonic water 
1 large slice of orange
Fill with Prosecco (roughly 5 parts, but I just fill up my glass…)

Pour into a tall glass with some ice.  

Agua de Valencia
Valencia is famous for being the home of paella, but it’s also also well known for its ‘Valencian Water’ cocktail. This is generally served in a pitcher (who am I to argue with tradition??) and served on the main plaza, preferably after hiking the many, many stairs to visit the view from the top of the city’s Cathedral, but this isn’t absolutely necessary.  The cocktail obviously depends on your taste, but I generally stick 3 shots of everything in and then fill up the empty space between OJ and some fizz. 

3 parts vodka
3 parts gin
10 parts fresh orange juice
Fill up with Prosecco or Champagne

Leslie’s Turkish Delight
This is the perfect fruity pick-me-up and is inspired by the amazing freshly squeezed pomegranate and orange juice that we enjoyed in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

1 part vodka
1 part Triple Sec 
1 Tablespoon of Raki
Fill with pomegranate juice (you can sub for orange if you can’t get hold of pomegrante)
A squeeze of fresh lime juice

I don’t use Raki in this, mainly because it has a really powerful taste and I prefer it without. Pernod can be used as an alternative, or just leave out all together for a smoother taste. 

What cocktails remind you of your travels?



Suzanne x



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