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10 Great Movies to Curl Up With On a Winter Day

10 Great Movies To Curl Up With on a Winter Day

Les and I often debate which movies to watch as we have vastly different tastes…

I will watch most thrillers, action movies and some comedies, and Les? Well, he likes to watch something that doesn’t require him paying to much attention to the storyline.

This means while he often opts for a romcom, or anything with Adam Sandler in it, I want to watch people being chased by the Police and murdered in remote farm houses in the country. There are a few films that we agree on, and theses are my picks for the best underrated flicks to chill out with:

I watched this movie through sheer boredom on a flight once and am so glad I did.
It’s not the kind of film I would ever have selected, but it’s a brilliant story and the entire cast (led by Ellen Page and Michael Cera) takes you through the unplanned teenage pregnancy of the main character, Juno, and the way she and her family work through the process of finding a suitable couple to adopt the baby.  
Big Business:
This is my favourite film of all time.  I know all the words and, despite having watched this countless times in the past 25 years, it always, always makes me laugh. These days, I laugh before the jokes because I know they’re coming, but that makes no difference to the brilliance of this movie. 
Involving two sets of twins who are switched at birth, the story leads you through the lives of very mismatched sisters; one set flying high in Manhattan, and the other living a peaceful country life in the South. When the company headed by one set of sisters threatens the livelihood of the other, all hell breaks loose in New York and some of the best movies lines every are employed.
Starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin as both sets of sisters, this movie is *owned* by them both.  
The Italian Job (original and remake):
I have to admit to seeing the 2003 remake of this movie before I saw the Michael Cane original.
Don’t judge me…  I’m sure there are plenty of strong opinions on the merits of both, but in particular, the fact that many.
In this instance, there’s something about the cast and the stunts in the newer version that make it appeal to me more.  Plus, the advances in technology and the modern Italian setting are difficult to argue with, IMO. Plus, Edward Norton makes an excellent baddie. 
Out of Sight:
I am not a fan of Jennifer Lopez movies. Like, at ALL. I am, however, a fan of George Clooney and Ving Rhames. Based around Clooney and Rhames’ botched bank robberies, the story follows Lopez trying to infiltrate plans for a diamond heist in her role as US Marshall.
Unfortunately, after a chance meeting with Clooney (in which she’s held hostage in the back of a car with him, she falls completely under his spell. She is only human, after all. Not only is the story good fun and often humorous, it’s also partially set in Miami, which means it has a fabulous backdrop. 
8 Great Movies to Curl Up With On A Cold Sunday


Bad Boys:

This is another Miami based movie, filled with robberies, death, comedy and people jumping off the roof of the Biltmore Hotel.
Starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as cops, and Tea Leoni as the witness to a crime that they have to keep alive, the story revolves around trying to smash a drug smuggling ring and the boys having to swap lives.  It’s a sharp film, with a great soundtrack and another beautiful, palm tree framed backdrop.
Rear Window:
I love anything by Alfred Hitchcock and this is my favourite movie of them all. James Stewart is the handsome invalid, sitting in his apartment, recuperating after injuring his leg. 
He spends his time absently staring out his apartment window, watching the world go by until he sees a murder in the courtyard beyond his window. And then he has to work out exactly what went on…
Silence of the Lambs:
OK, so this might not be everyone’s choice for a relaxing Saturday night feature, but it is undoubtedly one of the best thrillers ever. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch this, it’s always shocking.
The relationship between Starling and Lecter is fraught at the start, but begins to develop to something almost fatherly by the end. I’m always left wondering whether Lecter would kill Starling if he ever had the chance.
The first couple of follow ups to the original were always going to struggle to match this, but Red Dragon, with Edward Norton, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Ralph Feinnes, finally managed to get near the original. Maybe just miss out Hannibal and jump from the first instalment to the last. 
Runaway Jury:
This is one of those movie, both because of the brilliant manipulative ways of the leading character, Nick – played by John Cusack – and the sultry New Orleans setting.
The book is by John Grisham, and the cast is amazing.  Starring Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman as two very different lawyers; a young Jeremy Piven as a jury consultant, and Rachel Weiss as Cusack’s quite literal partner in crime, there’s nothing I don’t love about the whole story and the sheer sneakiness of what goes on behind the scenes at a trial. 
The Lost Boys:

It’s hard to believe that this movie was 30 in 2017, but there you go. I recall watching it for the first time waaaaay back when and absolutely loved it. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched it since, but I know quite a lot of the dialogue, so too many would be my first guess.

It’s just creepy and magical and is still the best vampire movie of all time.  If you haven’t seen it – you’re seriously missing out.  

So I Married An Axe Murderer:
Being Scottish, I generally cringe when watching movies where non Scottish people pretend they *are* Scottish, but Mike Myers is a rare exception to this rule. 

This is mainly because his accent isn’t actually that bad.  This movie has spawned so many classic lines that sound not too dissimilar to things Scottish people actually say that it’s impossible not to find the whole concept of the film childishly amusing.  

What are your favourite movies to curl up with on a wintery day?


Suz x



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