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What I’m Watching: January 2018

What I'm Watching: January 2018

I’ve had the pleasure of flu this month and had a lot more time to tune in to various shows.  These are my favourites from Jan 2018…

Manhunt: Unabomber
I binged watched this baby on a bed-ridden flu day and absolutely adored it.  I knew of the case because it happened within my life time, but I had no idea of the use of forensic linguistics that enabled the Unabomber to be traced and eventually brought to justice.  I also had very little insight into the man behind the bombing campaign.  The multi-episode show takes you through the entire story of Ted Kaczynski’s 17 year reign of domestic terror in the US and, for the first few episodes, concentrates solely on the FBI’s attempts to work out who he was, and their internal infighting about the best way to apprehend him.  It’s not until the latter episodes that Paul Bettany’s portrayal of Kaczynski is even shown on screen, so it very much feels like it’s split into two parts before the inevitable merge towards the end.  It’s a brilliantly acted and written show and was truly compelling from start to finish.  

The Jinx
I have to admit to knowing very little about Robert Durst, bar the odd news story I picked up online from the US, when I decided to give this a shot.  I fully admit to sitting with my mouth open for quite a portion of this, not just because I wanted to punch his current wife in the throat for being such a rude and arrogant pain in the backside while being interviewed by investigators.  This is documentary that starts with the finding of a human torso in Galveston, Texas, and then ends up winding back to other suspicious disappearances; notably Durst’s first wife, Kathie. The series also highlights the role that having money plays in getting you acquitted of chopping someone up and dumping their body parts in a river and calling it self defence.   

Peaky Blinders
If I’m being completely honest, the thought of a show about a 1920s gang in Birmingham didn’t really do it for me, so I pretty much avoided this for years.  When Season 4 was airing at the end of 2017, I read SO much about how brilliant it was on social media, that I knew I had to at least watch one episode before I could say that the accents were driving me insane.  Turns out, it’s fabulous.  Like, really, really fabulous.  I rarely find box sets that keep my attention for any length of time (Criminal Minds and Breaking Bad being the only ones I’ve gotten all the way through), and Les and I find it impossible to find something we both want to watch as our tastes differ completely.  We made a deal that we’d watch a couple of episodes and then see how we felt.  We’re now on Season 2 and really enjoying it.  Cillian Murphy is immense as Tommy Shelby and, when I grow up, I want to be just like Aunt Pol.  I didn’t think it was possible to make a Brummie accent attractive (I feel the same about my own broad Scottish accent), but I was wrong.   I am now often found speaking in Brummie, shouting instructions across my house.  

Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico
OK, so this one wasn’t actually my idea, but as my husband has been regularly tuning in, I’ve managed to catch the entire thing.  I love Mexico; its food, culture and people, so I enjoyed seeing Rick travel down through California and over the border, checking out a range of local fare.  However, as I’m really not a fan of seafood, there’s quite a lot of this that I wouldn’t dream of eating.  The scenery was spectacular though and certainly gave me some travel inspiration and reminded me of my trip to the Yucatan Peninsula.  

What have you been watching this January?

Suz x


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