How To Get Into The Holiday Spirit Before You Go

6 Ways To Get In To The Holiday Spirit

‘I’m a massive fan of starting my holiday the second I finish up work. I do NOT like waiting until I arrive at my destination before I have fun…’

As far as I’m concerned, the minute I leave the office and hit the road, my holiday begins. These are the things I tend to do to make the most of the time between clocking off at work and checking in to my Airbnb that makes dragging my carcass out of bed for a 5am flight that bit more bearable.

Holiday Play List

I loves a playlist, I does, and there are few things better than cranking up a special vacation version of this for driving home on my last day at the office or heading to the airport.

Apart from the obvious stress relief that comes from singing at the top of your lungs like a crazy person, having a list of songs themed to where you’re heading on holiday can also help to build the excitement. In addition to a play list for going on holiday, Les and I also tend to compile a list of songs we hear on the radio/TV/bar music system while we’re away.  If they make the grade (Read: They’re not by Justin Beiber), they may also make the post holiday playlist.

Coffee Break

This particular holiday ritual is borne out of the fact that we live 2.5 hours from the closest airport.  We tend to share the driving, but a coffee stop if a great break in our journey where we can sit down and discuss our plans for the evening or places we want to visit on our trip.  All our best plans are made over coffee.

Airport Lounge

Being a total introvert, I’m not a massive fan of being in crowds of people. This makes airports quite an uncomfortable space for me. If I’m in a crowd for too long, I can usually run to the bathroom for a break, but airport bathrooms are often busier than the general concourse, so there’s literally no escape.

Due to this, and the fact that I hate shelling out extortionate amounts of money for food and drinks, I signed up with Priority Pass.  I pay an annual fee and can access the airport lounges wherever I go.

For roughly £15 per visit, I can drink as much coffee (wine) as I like and stuff my face with food (more wine) for 3 hours.  This is all done whilst sitting in peaceful surroundings, with phone sockets, sofas, tables and, depending where I am, hot showers and beds.  Should my house ever go on fire, my Priority Pass is at the top of my list for saving.

Who’s Going Where?

This is my favourite holiday game. I sometimes have to play alone is Les is busy/bored of my eternal immaturity, but that doesn’t stop me at all.

The aim of the game is work out where your fellow passengers are going on holiday.  This is generally based on style of dress, age, luggage and how many people are in their party.  Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at this.  However, I do wish airlines would stop adding new destinations as this has undoubtedly made it a wee bit more challenging. How selfish of them.

Anyway, you won’t always know if you got it right, but it can cause some hilarity when you’re sure the couple with the screaming kids you had tagged for a Spanish beach holiday end up sitting across the aisle from you on their way to Florence a few hours later.

Photo Journal

My husband is a huge fan of taking photos before, during and even after holidays. I generally get annoyed when he suggests a selfie (I hate having my photo taken), but after being convinced once or twice and being able to see the story of the trip from start to finish, I’ve realised it’s actually quite a good idea.

As much as it pains me to be in more snaps, it’s really good fun to look back on.  Probably don’t tell my husband I said that, though, or he’ll be insisting on taking even more.  I have my limits.


The older I get, the more I hate the actual ‘flying’ part of the holiday. However, as I’m not Rebecca Adlington, it’s the only way to get me where I want to be.

I try to make the journey as enjoyable as possible by saving a TV show or podcast series and deliberately not watching it until my trip.  The often means I have a full iPad full of true crime stuff to freak out whoever’s unlucky enough to be sat next to me and something to look forward to.

There are also lots I could do to use the time constructively, such as blogging, for example.  However, then I’m on leave, ‘productivity’ is a curse word not to be employed unless it’s in conjunction with researching the easiest/fastest way to visit all the bars in a certain neighbourhood.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon be breezing off on your flight, ready to start the best part of your holiday.

What tips do you have for chilling out before you reach your destination?


Suzanne x



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