6 New Netflix Crime Releases You Should Be Watching
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5 New Netflix Crime Releases You Should Be Watching

I love anything crime related and rarely watch anything that doesn’t have at least one decent murder in it. When it comes to new documentarties and shows, Netflix is hard to beat…’

The Staircase

Michael Peterson is an author who was convicted, in 2003, for the murder of his wife, Kathleen.  This docu-series takes you through the interesting circumstances when Kathleen was found dead at the bottom of the stairs in her home in North Carolina by her husband.  He says she fell, but the trauma to her said made detectives think otherwise…

Despite looking, on the surface of it, like Kathleen has been killed by blunt force trauma to the head, there’s an ingenious defence theory that she may have, in fact, been attacked by an owl.  I’m not even kidding; that’s an actual theory.  And, it not *quite* as unhinged as you might think…


Written by crime king, Harlan Coben, ‘Safe’ stars Dexter Morgan (sorry, Michael C Hall…) as a recently widowed surgeon whose eldest daughter goes missing after a neighbour’s party.

The episodes are set in days following the disappearance and detail what transpires as he searches for her.

To be perfectly honest, there’s so much intruige in the entire gated community he lives in that the biggest surprise of the series was no one had gone missing earlier. It’s a great series with some excellent twists and turns.

If you like murder, fires, affairs, revenge, drownings, incredibly neat houses and indistinguishable English accents, you’ll love it.


Netflix’ suggestions for things it thinks I’d like to watch are often random, but pretty good.

For example, as I watched ‘The Bridge’ it now thinks English is my second language and constantly recommends anything it has with subtitles.

Luckily, I have a love of Scandinavian crime and started watching Norwegian police thriller ‘Borderliner’ without much prompting.

Handsome leading man, Niko, is a cop who travels back to his childhood home to visit his brother, Lars. and his kids, just as a local man is found hanged by the Lake.

Lars is also a Policeman and Niko sticks around to help out with the case for a few days. Unfortunately, he soon begins to uncover a dark web of secrets and lies that forces him to test his loyalty to the law against his loyalty to his family.  To make matters worse, there’s an exceptionally thorough female officer who starts to get suspicious of all the odd goings on around her…

This series only has two stars on Netflix and I find this thoroughly confuddling.

November 13: Attack on Paris

This multi episode documentary series surrounds the attacks on Paris in 2015 and their aftermath.

Interviews are conducted with first responders, citizens who were at the bars and Stade de France on the night, and even President Hollande and Interior Minister, Cazanuvue, give their insight into their actions.

The series in in French, so subtitles at the ready. I honestly thought I knew a lot about what happened that day from all the news reports I watched, but I was stunned by the stories and the timeline of the night.

It’s a brilliantly poignant piece of work. It gives a first hand account of what it was like to be in Paris the night it was forever changed.

The Investígator 

Delving into the 1985 disappearance of wife and mother, Carol Packman, this part drama, part documentary surrounds a professional investigator hired by the missing woman’s daughter.

Samantha Packman was only 16 years old when her Mother vanished and has had to live with not knowing what happened to her, or whether her Father, Russell was definitely responsible.  Although Russell was convicted of the crime of murder, no trace of Carol has ever been found and no body ever recovered.  He has refused to speak to her and the Police about the events of the day.

The programme starts off well, but leaves you a bit disappointed to realise that there’s no real progress made on the case by the conclusion.  It you’re happy knowing the a cold case remains a cold case, it does give you a pretty intriguing look into a decades old British case.


Suzanne x 



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