The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Up Earlier

I don’t like getting out of bed. Ever…

I particularly hate getting out of bed on week days because it generally signals that I have to go to work and I’d much rather be snuggled up until at least, say, 9am.  OK, I lied; 10am. It’s not that I haven’t gone to bed early enough or that I’ve been awake all night; I am simply not a Morning Person.  However, in order to get stuff done and, you know, not get fired, I have to make the effort, just like millions of other full time workers in the UK. It’s highly unlikely I could sustain my wine habit without a job, and that would, frankly, make me someone who wasn’t only not fun in the morning, but also pretty much at every other time of the day. These are my tips for moving your lazy ass out of bed in the a.m.

Don’t Roll Over and Go Back To Sleep:
I want to preface this one by saying I’d like you to do as I say and not so much as I do.  I am the Queen of Snooze. I will literally do *anything* to stay in bed for a few minutes more, even when this will inevitably result in me running around like a crazy person, getting stuck in the traffic that piles up at the college around the corner from my office, and make me even more cranky as I desperately try to get through town to my building.

I have found, however, that it needn’t be *quite* this stressful in the morning. 

I have a husband who goes to work, well…in the middle of the night, as far as I can tell.  This means I’m usually disturbed from my peaceful slumber by the weak strains of noise from an electric toothbrush being employed in the bathroom.  What I *should* do is let the sound gently rouse me.  What I *actually* do is swear a little bit and pull the duvet over my head. Waking naturally really does make me feel better during the day and, on the days when I do manage to convince myself it’s an acceptable practice to stick my leg out of bed before 7:30am (OK, so it’s 8:10am…) I always feel better for it.  I get time to sort my head out, grab a coffee, actually choose clothes that match, and even water all my flowers and veggies before I jump in the car.  If you’re a total sleepyhead, it is hard to do, but it’s also so worth it.

Listen to an Audiobook or Do a Little Reading:
If you can force yourself to open your eyes, stick on an audio book or a podcast and bring yourself around slowly.  If you’re feeling really adventurous and can cope with moving your being and teaching to the nightstand to grab a book, then knock yourself out.  Waking up naturally is always the best way and if you need a little encouragement in this regard, then this is a good way to convince your brain that it needs to stand to attention.  Anyone who has read the blog before will know that I’m a huge true crime fan and my iPad is literally FULL of gnarly podcasts and creepy audiobooks that I tune into with worrying frequency.  Also, if you do listen to something chilling,  such as the story of an entire family who were slaughtered in their beds, then it’s far more likely that you will have no trouble getting up that morning.  And that can only be a good thing.  Probably don’t listen to true crime stuff about shower murders, though, because you still need to be performing this step in order to get ready for work.
Go to Bed Earlier:

Part of me actually hates myself for writing this but, as much as it’s cliche, it’s also sadly true.

I’ve spent so many years struggling to sleep, that I would be reading, watching TV, scrolling through social media looking a dogs in human clothes and the like, just to help me stave off the hours I spent on my own with nothing much to do.  I’ve slowly been able to stop myself from doing this and, although I always, always have a podcast or audiobook on when I lay down, I try to do this half an hour earlier than usual so that I give my brain a fighting chance of unwinding from whatever happened during the day.  I always listen to true crime but understand that, for some people, this is more likely to keep you awake and have you sat bolt upright in bed, wide-eyed with fear and wondering where you left that baseball bat than actually getting any shut eye. Luckily, all the normal people on the internet write books and produce podcasts that  have absolutely no tales of dismemberment in them and those are probably brilliant, too.

Give Yourself Something To Get up For:
There are very rare occasions in my life when I voluntarily get up early.  No, seriously. These are: when I’m travelling, when something cataclysmic has happened on the news the night before; and when I’m too worried about something to get any more sleep.  Although these are hardly day to day occurrences, giving yourself something to look forward to the next day can convince you to drag your carcass out of bed, just a touch earlier than usual.  Whether that be a class (I can’t believe I just wrote that…), meeting a friend for coffee before work, or just popping to the local library, having a plan of action for the day can really boost you.  For me, these things revolve around car sharing with my husband (which gets me up a full hour earlier than usual), giving a colleague a lift (15 minutes earlier) or popping out to the garden to check on what I’m growing/Bob The Squirrel is eating (an average of around 20-30 whole seconds earlier… Go me!)
Whatever you need to do to get it done, it really does help to set your day up properly. It gives your brain a chance to get into gear for the hours between getting up and going back to bed.
What are you tips for getting out of bed earlier?
Suz x 

1 thought on “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Up Earlier”

  1. Instead of going past the college go further up the bypass, beyond the island turn right before the little chef to get into town more easily That will reduce the ” cranky” factor and help maintain your feelings of calm a bit longer


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