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A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Makeup

A Lazy Girl's Guide to Makeup
I’m the first to admit that I can be lazy but, when it comes to makeup and skin care, I am literally the worst.  This is primarily because, well, I’ve got other stuff to do.  Like sitting down, for example.  I’m also one of these people who gets out of bed at the last possible moment because I have no real desire to get up.  Ever.
Because of this, and the fact that I know I should be looking after my skin and maybe making myself look presentable so as not to terrify the people who pass me in the street, I have discovered some products that are prefect for Lazy Girls…

Makeup Wipes

This one goes without saying, really.  These bad boys can be used for everything.  I use them to clean up after a gym sessions if I can’t be bothered showering when I first get home (around 83.5% of the time), clean my phone, wipe the sink and, sometimes I even use them for their actual purpose.

There’s no fuss, no mess and I have been known to clean my face and brush my teeth at the same time.  If that’s not the epitome of multi-tasking, I genuinely don’t know what it.


There’s no fuss, no mess and I have been known to clean my face and brush my teeth at the same time. If that’s not the epitome of multi tasking, I genuinely don’t know what is. 
it comes with its own sponge and it takes, like, all of 30 seconds for me to apply. It might take you a bit longer, but I care not about this. For me, the fact that I even own some, never mind actually *use* is, is a massive win. I need something I can grab fro the bathroom, chuck in my bag, and apply it in the car (or in the bathroom at work) and doesn’t impact on the whole ‘getting up at the last moment’ routine that I’ve spent my entire adult life perfecting.
My skin is almost translucent, so I grab anything that looks easy to apply and comes in Ultra White Girl Ivory shade. 
I have fallen deeply in love with Rimmel’s roll on blush/lip color, which come in the cutest little pot and takes up no space whatsoever. I buy mine in rosy pink and roll it across  my cheekbones and literally just smush it in until it doesn’t make me look like Aunt Sally from Wurzel Gummige. I also roll it across my lips because nothing makes me happier than using one product for two uses.  
Unfortunately, I’m yet to find a mascara that doesn’t involve me removing my glasses and desperately trying to squint at the bathroom mirror in order to apply. It’s just not on the market. Although, it should be by now, no?? Us long sighted girls need mascara, too. 
Anyway, I have no real time saving tips for this step, so I use Rimmel’s Shake mascara, mainly because it’s as black as hell and it never seems to clump.  And no clumping means it doesn’t end up all over my face by mid afternoon. This in itself is a time saver, I feel.
I’m a total brow newbie who recently bought a palette (for reasons I’m still trying to work out) and tried it out one long afternoon when I clearly had way too much time on my hands. I tried it and hated it because it made me look like I had actual eyebrows which, as a very pale blonde, I’ve really never seen before. 
Anyway, I’m slowly getting used to having eyebrows, but that’s a whole post in itself. You’re welcome. 
I don’t think I’m being too overdramatic here when I say that this stuff has changed my life. I actually can’t believe I ever lived in a world without it. When I look back at older women and realise that they all had to get out of bed to wash their hair every day, it makes me genuinely sad for them.  Also, for younger me, who also had to do this.
However, in my defence, when I was young I used to wash my hair, dry it and then straighten it which, when I think about it now, is ludicrous. How early did I have to get up in those days? And, more to the point, Why? 
What are your favourite lazy girl beauty hacks ?? 
Suz x

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