6 Creepy AF Things To Watch on Netflix This Halloween Week
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6 Creepy AF Things To Watch on Netflix This Halloween Week

‘I don’t really need Halloween as an excuse to watch scary stuff on TV. However, in celebration of the day, here are a few creepy things to get your fangs into this week’

The Sinner

Jessica Biel stars as the young wife and mother who, without apparent motive, brutally murders a random stranger on the beach. Initially, there seems to be no ties between the two, and we watch on as she struggles to comprehend the senseless killing.

And then along comes Bill Pullman to do a little bit of investigating.  Pullman plays the stereotypically flawed investigator, but one with compassion and and enough confusion over the crime to give him the drive to delve a *wee* bit deeper.

The Sinner is a really good series and, although I don’t want to say it’ll make you look at murderers in a better light, it certainly does make you wonder if anyone is capable of killing.

The Haunting of Hill House

This newly released series is based on the 1959 novel by Shirley Jackson. It follows the lives of a family who grew up in the most haunted of all the haunted houses.

They obviously didn’t know it was haunted, or they probably wouldn’t have moved in but the house literally has ‘OMG don’t go in there!’ written all over it, so I’m not that sympathetic, tbh.

Anyway, the story picks up years later when the unexpected death of a sibling means the events of their childhood, quite literally, come back to haunt them.

Although the family members are barely on speaking terms due to their trauma, they’re forced to get back together and relive the nightmares of their past.

I admit to watching the first episode with some cynicism. I often find when something’s billed as ‘scary AF’, it rarely is.. The HoHH starts slowly, but gradually pulled me in with its suspenseful music and eerie apparitions.  I like. I will continue to watch.


This series premiered in 2016 and, for reasons unknown (I was probably knee deep in The Walking Dead…) I managed to miss it completely.  I have taken strides to rectify this problem recently (with the reluctant assistance of my husband…).

It’s basically the tale of a couple who move into a house where murders occurred. Add to that some bat shit neighbours and a general sense of complete doom, and you got yourself a new hobby.

Slasher reminds me of the Scream movies in that it’s scary and cheesy at the same time.  It’s pretty gory (always a bonus) and the story’s pretty interesting.  It’s not what I would call ‘gripping’, but it’s certainly got a few unexpected jumps.

Making a Murderer (Part 2)

If you haven’t heard of Netflix’s trailblazing true crime docu-series, you’ve probably been living under a rock.   Since S1 ended in 2015, true crime junkies across the world have been waiting with baited breath for the next instalment.

Part 2 hit our screen two weeks ago and it’s already causing a fuss. You might not consider the subject matter be scary scary, but there can’t be many things more frightening than being convicted of a crime you didn’t committed.

I would voluntarily spend the rest of my live living in the Hill House, with the killer from Slasher, and Jessica Beil as my room mate, if it meant I didn’t go to jail as an innocent woman.

Opinions on S1 were very divided and, as it turns out, S2 hasn’t helped to bring anyone together.  Is Steven Avery guilty of murder? Or is he simply a patsy? And is Brendan Dassey guilty merely by association??  These questions must be answered…

Don’t Breathe

This is one of two movies to make it the Halloween list, but it was worth including. The film tells the story of three teens who decide to rob a helpless old blind man. They pick the man as he’s clearly a pretty easy target, yes?

No. No, he’s not. With all good scary movies, the person you consider the most helpless is never *quite* as helpless as you think…

Although the movie dates back to 2016, it’s a pretty new addition to Netflix. It’s directed by Fede Alvarez, who’s responsible for the Evil Dead and has been compared to Hitchcock.   Alfred, not Billy.


It’s almost unheard of for me to switch something off because I’m genuinely too scared to watch, but I made Les switch this after only thirty minutes.

I was genuinely terrified by the unfolding storyline, featuring a deaf woman, living in the middle of the woods on her own. Oh, did I mention she’s being stalked by a guy wearing the Creepiest Mask Ever?

I think it’s possibly because, with the gift of hearing, I knew there was noise being made as the intruder gained entry to the secluded property. However, the movie is often told from the point of view of the intended victim, which means everything is silent. And when the intruder figures out sge’s deaf, he realises he can taunt her so much more.

I did eventually manage to watch the movie all the way through (some bits were viewed from behind a cushion) and I loved it.

What are your recommendations for this Halloween on Netflix?

Suz xx


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