The UK's Spookiest Places
scotland, Wales

Mapped: The UK’s Spookiest Places

'Beautiful Britain - home to tremendous halls, castles and a long, bloody, history. And with that in mind, it’s no surprise this tiny island has a plentiful amount of paranormal activity...' Whether it’s ancient ghost stories or unexplained phenomena, there is always something hiding in the UK’s dark shadows. Protection Supplies have compiled a map… Continue reading Mapped: The UK’s Spookiest Places


How Life Has Changed: Scotland vs. Wales

  I moved to North Wales from Stirling in Scotland, after spending my whole life in, or in between, major cities, I didn't think twice about, well...anything, really.   Everything I wanted has always been right within my reach. Take out coffee? Costa, McDonald's or the slightly dodgy stuff my local petrol station used to sell. … Continue reading How Life Has Changed: Scotland vs. Wales